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From the end of the nineteenth century until today, four generations of the Lequio family have carried out the agricultural work of the Serragrilli Hill. Since the time when the grapes were sold in vats and the bulk wine in "carra" and large barrels were loaded on carts pulled by oxen, the activity of this company has always passed from father to son and constantly renewed and expanded. Currently the latest generation is serious and enterprising in the work started many years ago, with the help of husbands and brothers-in-law, who are also from the wine industry. This small family-run Piedmontese company produces wines using only the grapes of its own vineyards. The land can be placed all around the cellar, which in turn is located right on the top of the hill called Serragrilli. The processing system is constantly updated according to the most modern winemaking techniques. The cellar has grown over the years with French barriques and small oak barrels, in which the great red wines are refined.

Barbera D'Alba Serragrilli Piemonte

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